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Dr. Haremza & Dr. Harrison

The Palmyra Family, Cosmetic Dentistry & Braces team want to make sure you understand the importance of early defibrillation.


Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), is a condition in which the heart stops beating suddenly and unexpectedly. SCA claims more than 450,000 lives each year, primarily because lifesaving treatment, that is early defibrillation, does not reach the victims within the first critical minutes. Immediate response is critical.


If defibrillation takes place within the first two minutes of SCA, the survival rate is almost 90%. For every minute that the heart is not pumping, survival rates decrease by about 10 percent. 90-95% will die, unless a defibrillation shock is delivered within 10 minutes of SCA. The AED is probably one of the most important pieces of high tech equipment in our office, but it is also a piece of equipment we hope we will never need to use.


If you have any questions about  early defibrillation, speak with one of our team members today.




Dr. Haremza & Dr. Harrison

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