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Dr. Haremza & Dr. Harrison

Palmyra Family, Cosmetic Dentistry & Braces offers our patients tooth colored fillings and restorations. Dr. Haremza, Dr. Harrison and Dr. Levy know that this type of filling offers you the natural white color you will love.


If you have old, unsightly mercury alloy fillings, they can be removed and replaced with tooth colored materials that offer you an extremely close match to your current teeth. Or if you just need a single tooth filled, our white filling materials offer you the natural restoration you desire.


As well, porcelain restorations can hold and strengthen your tooth structure as mercury fillings often crack and break teeth because they are not bonded to the surrounding tooth structure. Porcelain fillings are also used in lieu of crowns because they keep the natural shape and form of the tooth. Porcelain fillings offer patients metal-free dentistry, which allows light to flow through and reflect off the teeth, leaving a more natural smile.


If you have any questions about tooth colored fillings or restorations, please speak with one of our Palmyra Family, Cosmetic Dentistry & Braces team members today.




Dr. Haremza & Dr. Harrison

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